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Corp Assess


Smart Online Assessments

CorpAssess is a unique online platform that enables your business to conduct robust assessment centres remotely. CorpAssess enables hiring managers and in-house recruiters to quickly and effectively determine a candidate's ability to perform in the role, using a range of competency and capability assessments without the need to assess candidates in person.

Your team can deploy single assessments or an entire assessment centre anytime to anyone, anywhere in the world, saving your business time and money.

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CorpAssess is a white-label platform, which means candidates will be engaging with your brand the entire time they are working within the system. Your values, culture and tone will be reflected throughout the total candidate journey, positively reinforcing your employer brand at every touchpoint.

CorpAssess is customisable and easy to scale, with solutions starting with ten assessment capacity and rising to 100 assessment capacity. You can choose exactly how you would like to categorise and organise your assessments. You can upload and use your existing candidate assessment materials. Alternatively, CorpAssess can develop bespoke assessment exercises designed to meet specific requirements, in line with your competency and values framework.

The flexibility of the platform works well for both multinational companies and SMEs across a range of functions and industries.

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The benefits to you

  • Ability to run a fully remote assessment centre
  • Deploy an assessment anytime to anyone, anywhere
  • Significantly reduces both time and cost to hire
  • Improves on-site assessment centre outcomes and pass rates
  • Reduces reliance on CV interviews and telescreens
  • Secure systems and keeping your intellectual property protected
  • Assessments are date and time stamped to ensure compliance
  • Reduce printing, travel and hotel costs
  • Increased candidate engagement
  • Reduce your carbon footprint